Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Whose for the carpet in the Assembly?

She came; she stooped, and conquered most Assembly Members with her charm. But what does it amount to. Well, the fourth Assembly is officially under way. And that’s about it.

There was plenty of pomp and circumstance. Brass bands galore, a fly past by fighter jets, judges in their wigs and gowns, harpist’s choirs and a day off lessons for many a primary school child.

So as they tuck into their vol-au-vents and champagne the Welsh crachar can all reflect on a ceremony that went smoothly and to plan.

But what was the plan, you may ask? Now, that is a question.

Before the successful referendum that gave the institution real status as a law making body, there may have been some point in asking the Queen turn up, in the hope that some of her reflected glory would pass on to the toothless institution. But now, there is no longer a need for that kind of symbolism.

Let the Queen turn up with a purpose. It would hardly be innovative to ask her to read a speech that spells out what the government intend to do these next five years. Yes, a proper Queen’s speech.

And would it be too much to ask our politicians to forgo their vol-au-vents and head back into the chamber and debate the programme. Yes, let politics begin.

It’s a scandal that the Assembly election having taken place in the beginning of May and, apart from elections of Presiding Officer and her Deputy and Carwyn Jones as First Minister, nothing meaningful has happened in the Assembly in that time.

Not a committee chosen, let of all met. Not a word on what laws we can expect to be placed. Nothing. A snail on speed could hardly have done less.

Ieuan Wyn Jones the leader of Plaid Cymru decided to extend his holiday and missed the opening ceremony. And why not. For he hasn’t missed anything much. Unless, of course, you’re into uniform and men in garters. Politicians that are in a rush to condemn him might reflect on their own workload this week.

To sum up the day. A good day for Welsh freeloaders of which there are many. A good day for hatters.  But bad and sad day for Welsh politics. 

What indeed are those Welsh people that are heading for dire economic times to make of it all? Not a great deal one would think.


  1. Excellent post Gareth and I'm so much for Welsh devolution. Thanks you for saying it.

  2. Summed it all up - Labour are dragging their heels because they have no policies for the next five years. The Queen's speech would have been over in a sentence!

  3. Not even a very good day for Hatters, Gareth. My wife says she has seen the Queen wearing that hat before. So no sale there then!!!