Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Easier for bosses to dismiss staff

It’s going to be made a great deal easier for bosses to get rid of their staff if the government get their way.  Of course, it’s not a vindictive move against the workers, but done with the best of motives. And the motives? To boost economic growth and cut back on red tape.
What are the changes?  The ninty day consultation period that is required by law when twenty or more redundacies are anounced is to be reduced by two thirds to a thirty day period. 
After lobbying by business leaders, the number of cases going to employment tribunals will be cut and the qualifying period for workers to be able to claim unfair dismissal will rise from one to two years' service.  
But, there is deadlock between the Conservatives  and the Liberal Democrats on the proposal to allow bosses to sack “poorly performing” staff without explanation. 
Whilst this particular proposal is on hold because it's a step to far for the Liberal Democrat, they are going along with the other proposals. 
The ideas are contained in a Downing Street review, headed by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft and a Conservative Party member and donor.
Understandably these changes are opposed by the trade union who say that it’s return to "Victorian employment practices".
Such proposals will add to the insecurity  of workers that are already worried about their jobs because of the general economic downturn. The result will be a general reluctance amongst the work force to go out to spend thus making a dire economic situation a whole lot worse.  The last thing required at the moment, is to dent further, consumer confidence.
It is doubtful that the proposals will add a great deal to streamlining business but it will add to the general feeling that this government just doesn't care about ordinary people. There is a feeling abroad that the Conservative majority in government are working to the agenda of their business chums and the Liberal Democrats are being dragged reluctantly along with this anti-worker agenda. 

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