Friday, 17 February 2012

Let them have powers.


  1. It may well be a cunning plan but surely eminently sensible.

    Until Wales decides to hold its own referendum on independence the UK government, elected by the majority to represent the majority, is unlikely to do us any favours whatsoever. And this includes directing inward investment our way unless, of course, it is for unwelcome heavy industry.

    We too, like the Scots, need to decide upon our future, and pretty damn fast!

  2. It's a great little plan, more devolution and Labour get shafted when it goes wrong. Drakeford will have to earn his crust. It's a win win for the rest of us.

  3. the two Government's once again trying to prove who is the more ideological pure over, this time over the Social Fund, meanwhile in the real world families are going to pushed further into debt and despair and neither set of politicians will feel the heat, give me a break!

  4. Actually handing over the social fund to credit unions isn't a bad idea... it has potential over time to create a larger fund provided Westminster doesn't progressively withdraw funds. The question is what other cost cutting will they foist on us?

    1. I agree with you. A someone who had to beg for emergency funds when my mother was taken (mortally) ill 50 miles away, a couple of years ago, and was refused, I can tell you that the civil service are not equipped to make humane and sensible decision on this. At the same time as my request for a 200 loan was refused, a neighbour, who is working, got 1000 grant (he did not need to repay it) from the same fund to furnish his flat.

      I cannot speak too highly of the Credit union where I finally found help. Everybody should save with a credit union. As they improve their services, with direct debits and debit cards, they should replace banks on the high street. Back to mutual societies, and away with the vultures.