Thursday, 10 May 2012

What next for censured AM

Yesterday my attention was on the Queens speech, so the little local difficulty of the AM for Llanelli took second place in my list of priorities. 
My view on the matter was documented in the blog that followed the first news of Mr Davies’s big night out. 

But to update readers, here's the latest. Yesterday the Standards committee produced their report on the matter. It will be debated in Assembly's main session next Wednesday. 
After complaints from the St David’s Hotel to the Clerk of the National Assembly asked the independent Commissioner for Standards, Gerard Elias QC to investigate and report back to the committee on Standards of Conduct.
Just to recap these are the facts that Elias reported to the committee.
  • On 16 April 2012, as one of twelve bookings requested bythe AM‟s office to the MBST, accommodation was arranged for the nights of Monday 23 & Tuesday 24 April 2012 at the St David‟s Hotel, Cardiff Bay.  No issue is raised as to the propriety of such booking.
  • The AM duly checked in to the hotel on 23 April shortlyafter 7.00 p.m. and was given room 408.  He subsequently left the hotel later that evening. 
  • The AM returned to the hotel at about 4.45am on 24 April with a female and both went to room 408.  At this time the AM was adversely affected by alcohol.
  • Shortly thereafter both the female and the AM contacted hotel reception requesting that 2 bottles of wine be sent to the room. After some discussion, this was done - the AM authorised his credit card to be debited.
  • Thereafter, between 05.30 and 08.30am the hotel reception received a number of complaints from adjoining rooms of the noise emanating from room 408 and from its balcony, which included loud shouting and swearing.
  • Telephone calls to room 408 and face to face visits by hotel staff seeking to get the AM and his companion to reduce the noise and consequent disturbance to other hotel occupants were met with abuse and threats, particularly from the female, and an  indication from the AM that he did not intend to pay the bill.
  • The AM booked out of the hotel at about 12 noon while the female made foul mouthed detrimental comments about the hotel from the first floor landing. This was witnessed by the numerous hotel guests then present in the lobby. 
  • The AM left the hotel alone.

Keith Davies accepted the facts and apologised for his behaviour on the night concerned and wrote a letter of apology to the hotel. He also picked up the bill for his stay at the hotel.
To cut a long story short the report went to the committee who unanimously recommend that the Member should be “censured.” 

So there you have it a slap over the wrists and end of story. Or is it?
The report poses a challenge to the Labour Party itself. The ball is now very much in their court.  Did the AMs behaviour bring the party into disrepute? And if so what is the party going to do about it? 


  1. Labour are hypocrites if they do nothing, if the roles were reversed and it was a Tory, Lib Dem or Plaid Cymru AM in trouble, Labour's attack dogs would be kicking up an almighty stink and calling for a resignation.

    What's stopping opposition politicians putting the boot in, its not as if there aren't precedents Mick Bates and Rhodri Glyn Thomas come to mind.

    In many ways the Keith Davies incident is a good metaphor for Welsh politics, out of touch with a total disregard for the tax payer and no accountability for their actions.

    1. An anonymous comment received wished to know whether I was at the party that night. The answer is no. Just for the record haven't touched any booze for well over two years. And my previous blog will have made my views about the party clear. As to what the profession of the lady concerned is, we don't know. The rest of the comments was prophesy with hindsight.

  2. My guess is that Keith will get a smack on the wrist and be told he's a naughty boy and mustn't do it again. If he suggests resigning he'll be talked out of it. A Plaid Cymru win would pour cold red water of their recent celebrations, I'm sure Labour will want to avoid that.
    I believe your prior comments on the relationship between elected politicians and lobbyists is far more relevant in real terms. A 71 year old behaving like a college student, does not have the same implications as politicians being bought. Living in California I've been telling people that Wales isn't like America. I'm hanging my head these days.
    One last word for Keith; I don't know if he's married but I'm reminded of what a Priest said to me when we were discussing the 7 deadly sins and I asked if I could keep 6 and do lust 7 times. He told me that there are sins which the Lord will forgive but your spouse will not.