Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Its good for the English but not the Welsh

'Strengthen shared ownership schemes which allow those on low-to-middle incomes to own or part-own their home. We will offer tenants with a record of five years’ good behaviour a 10 per cent equity share in their social rented property, which can be cashed in when they want to move up the housing ladder' 
A straight lift from the Conservative manifesto. What the manifesto fails to mention is that it can only apply to England. 
Why? Because the Welsh Assembly government don't have the powers to implement this type of scheme. And why not I hear you ask. Well, because the Conservatives both in the Palace of Westminster and in the National Assembly decided to reject the Housing Legislative Competence Order that would have allowed the Welsh Assembly to introduce such schemes.
Despite all the leading Housing organisations in Wales pointing out the harm that would be done if the Tories continued with their opposition of the Housing LCO. They took no notice. So the LCO failed to make it because Parliament dissolved. If the Tories had  agreed to it going through in the Wash up arrangements that fast tracks legislation all could have been saved. But they refused.
Now we have the invidious postition of the English being able to gain help through shared ownership schemes to access  owner occupation, courtersy of Mr Cameron's party.  But the Welsh unable to gain access, courtersy of Mr Cameron's party. 
It will be interesting to see what the Welsh Conservative manifesto says on this point.

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