Wednesday, 14 April 2010

There always be an England

If I was ever to seek membership of a top golf club I feel that I would be well prepared after attending the launch of UKIPs Welsh campaign and manifesto launch. It was almost an all male affair and although they weren't all wearing blazers you just felt that they should.
Although it was a Welsh campaign launch at Cardiff Yacht Club any reference to Wales would have been purely accidental. In effect it seemed like a launch of an English Independence campaign. The only reference to Wales was in the context of scrapping the Welsh Assembly - Henry Tudor re-visited without the Act of Union. But in order not to let the building go to waste Welsh MPs were to make their way down the M4 from Westminster for a week to attend to devolved matters.
Ah! hold on, they are at one with those campaigning about the unfairness of the Barnett formula.  Just  one slight difference. They think the formula is unfair on the English, so ought to be scrapped. Its replacement, not in the in-tray, yet.
The party leader Lord Pearson of Rannoch, the main speaker at the launch. He kept protesting that he wasn't a politician despite sitting in the House of Lords  for some years. But he was refreshing in his candour.  When he could'nt answer a question  and there were many in this category, he admitted to his ignorance.
All too often the question was passed to  a man in the know. Unfortunately, his answer left one even more confused.
I did glean however they want us out of Europe. And they want a halt to  migration into UK. Although the  dear Lord had a soft spot for the Polish plumber.
And an official holiday for St Georges day. No mention of St David. But apparently that was an oversight and will be put right on their web site.
Just as I was leaving said launch  I was asked by a member of UKIP ,who said he  'was as Welsh as anyone,'  why had I asked questions about Wales. It seemed rather a strange question to ask someone who was attending their 'Welsh' launch. On reflecting on their manifesto, perhaps, it was not so strange a question after all.