Thursday, 5 August 2010

Art and Wales

This year the Art exhibition in the eisteddfod was the best for many an year. It was as if the artists had raised their game because of the display area.  The area was a large concrete pit that once housed the machinery that made the rolling mill, roll.
Tate Modern comes to mind as one strolls the area. Even the largest canvass sits comfortably within this cavern of a building.

The eisteddfod by their successful use of such a space raise an important question as to why Wales hasn't got a permanent gallery for the visual arts.
The National Museum is fine but inadequate to house all the nation's art works. No we need a bespoken venue and surely we have inherited enough buildings from our industrial past to create an iconic space to rival the best in the world. Who'll follow these in such a campaign?

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