Thursday, 5 August 2010

Referendum talk

Carwyn Jones, Wales' First Minister put a compelling case as to why a 'yes' vote was essential to a meeting of Cymru Yfory at the eisteddfod. Many in the audience had never heard him speak with such passion before. He certainly was on fire, speaking with passion and without notes. It was like that old time religion!
On the subject of devolution Carwyn Jones's commitment has never wavered. He was in a small group within the Labour party that were pushing for more powers even when that cause was far from popular  within his party.
But despite the revivalist feel to the meeting and the warm embrace he received from that audience. And they would, wouldn't they. It's not that audience that needs convincing, but the vast majority that would never be seen dead at an eisteddfod.
There is a big job of work needed to be done out there and as yet there is little signs that there is a coherent campaign underway to convince people of the merits of the Welsh Assembly being the sole legislator in those areas already devolved from Westminster.
Its seems that no one wants to take the plunge and launch a 'yes' campaign. This complacency could backfire on the those that advocate more powers. Many in this camp may be buoyed by a seemingly large lead in the opinion polls. But such leads can vanish overnight.
Times are going to get  tough. And  the electorate  has a habit of lashing out indiscriminately at such times. So the referendum may be their opportunity to teach  a bunch of politicians a lesson.
So, those that want to win a 'yes' vote better stop making speeches to each other in a collective bit of navel gazing at eisteddfodau and get out to the real Wales and start winning hearts and minds.

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  1. Yes, where is the Yes campaign? At the moment the debate on places like WalesOnline is being dominated by negativity

    The argument is going to be lost with silence .....