Friday, 24 December 2010

Political fall out

That the Conservatives have 'uncharitable instincts'  and have 'quite nutty' allies in Europe is hardly a surprising view for a Liberal Democrat to hold.
A view that they are likely to express to constituents despite being in government with these allies of the mad. Why? Well, they've got to keep their own supporters on board and win the allegiance of the uncommitted voters in the seats that they hold.
The truth of the matter is that they are in competition with the Conservatives in more seats than they are with Labour. So is a matter of self interest and survival that they, in advertising parlance, preserve their unique selling point.
Now if Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron want to stop these noises off stage they will need to come up with a plan. As for a cunning little plan what about  an election pact?
It would be relatively easy to sell such a plan based on the current seats that both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats represent in parliament. A plan allowing one or t'other party a clear run against Labour in the seats that they currently hold.
Such a move would mean that they are not pitched against each other and are less likely to slag each other off to Telegraph undercover journalists.
Ah, if only life was as straight forward.
There is a snag of Mr Cameron's own making. In a nutshell, less MPs.
In a populist move before the last election he decided that less politicians would go down well with the voters! A move that was clearly not as popular as he originally thought or he would not be in the pickle of being dependent on the back biting Lib Democrat  to keep him in his job.
In order for Mr Cameron to meet the pledge he made, there's a bill going through Parliament  cutting  down the number of MPs to 600.
In Wales this will probably mean down to 30 seats from 40.
All of which mean new constituency boundaries. And shame oh shame all the current crop of MPs will often have to compete against members of their own party to become candidates for many of these newly drawn seats.
So drawing up an electoral pact with the Liberal Democrats becomes well nigh impossible.  Little chance then that the coalition partners will learn to love each other.
No the reality in this political marriage of convenience is that the cold loathing of the partners will continue.
But whilst there may be  little good will to be had from the politicians this particular journalist wishes all his readers the very best of the season - Nadolig Llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda.
And I leave you with a picture of a white Caerffili to bring you Christmas cheer.

Normal service with the blog will resume in January, unless of course I need an excuse to hide away from the family!!

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