Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Political Almanac


HM Government launched their evidence to the Silk Commission, today, on line. It was a steady as it goes document. A conservative document from a Conservative-Liberal Democrat  government.What  else would one expect.
Perhaps a more exciting development on line is the new place to view my blog. “The Welsh Political Almanac”.
This site contains information on Welsh politics. Election results, election statistics some details on local councils.DSC00025
Hopefully it will give readers an insight into developments in Welsh politics.
The commentary and punditry will be added to on a regular basis and of course the other sections will change after elections.
It is very much a work in progress. For instance the constituency profiles are not complete, they will be added to between now and the next election. Which gives me time to visit and get a feel for the area.
Let me know your views in the comment section. Ideas about future development will be welcomed, as long as its remembered that its a one man operation and I do have the little task of earning a quid or two to pay for life’s little luxuries.

The link is

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