Friday, 1 January 2010

Just out of goodwill

No sooner are we out of the season of goodwill and the knives are out for Brown. The guys must have a death wish. A leadership contest within 5 months of a general election would be an open goal for Mr Cameron and it ain't going to happen. Brown is unlikely to go quietly and there is no favourite son or daughter to slot into place. For better or worst the Labour party are stuck with him.
A Cameron victory is the most likely result, he has being polling a consistent 40%. But, Labour currently have a massive majority, a formidable task for Cameron to overcome.
In general elections the gap between the parties tend to narrow so its possible that the outcome could be a hung parliament. And who knows in that situation what the outcome will be. A National Government to get us out of the economic mess?
What is certain is that if Labour want to have any chance at all, they need to be a united party. But with the current calls for Brown to go there's fat chance of that.
So the bookies still favour a Cameron victory and it would a brave or foolhardy man to bet against them.

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