Friday, 19 August 2011

Chester gets our bet

Today’s choice is said to be the oldest racecourse in England - Chester Racecourse. Now a confession it’s a course I’ve admired from the train on many an occasion but have only visited once. The North Wales railway line crosses the Dee and acts as the northern boundary to the course. As you gather the course itself lies on the banks of the Dee, the wrong side of the river border in my opinion.
Spectators can watch races for free from the walls that offer a clear view of the whole circuit. Not to be recommended though if you want to wager as it would be quite a run to the nearest bookies.

Now racing in Chester was developed on the site to replace the famous and bloody Goteddsday football match. The game was so violent that in 1533 it was banned by the city and replaced in 1539 by horse racing. A bit like the Bangor City and Rhyl football matches of old. Now there’s an idea replace them with a horse racing track a better use for Farrar Road than an other supermarket.
Another useless piece of trivia in that the first recorded race was held in 1539 with the consent of the Lord Mayor a certain Henry Gee. Immorality beckoned for him, for it was his name that led to the use of the term “gee-gee” for horses
With the stock exchange tumbling and the Bank of England holding down interest rates and inflation outstripping wages, the following tips may just be your chance of moving ahead of the game – or not.
A word about the track there’s a definite bias to the left that favour low numbers so it often pays to stick to a runner 1-3.
Let us see if we can keep our record of being ahead of the bookies with this Saturday’s selection
2.25         The tipsters are all going for Mappin Time and Jamesway but I’m  going for Nine Before Ten
3.00         Its between Na Zdorovie  or Forest Edge but retiring trainer Barry Hills has had a lot of success in Chester so I plump for his gee-gee
3.35         Luv U Forever  is not favoured by the draw but usually makes a quick getaway which just might overcome this handicap
4.10         Oh for an Eternal Heart but not  for me, Icon Dream gets my bet
4.45         Viva Ronaldo has lots of backing but Lowther  has the edge in my opinion but it’s such a big field Advanced could give better each way odds.
5.15         Boss’s Destination has the draw  but Montparnasse  has my money
5.45         Let’s end with a Beautiful Day

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