Friday, 12 August 2011

Doncaster - winning ways?

Whilst still enjoying time away from the desk in West Wales I deliberately avoided the recall of parliament as a source for a blog.  Unlike Mr Cameron to me the family holiday is not to be disturbed.
With the world’s financial markets in turmoil and shares having been in free fall, the turf is probably as good a way and a much more understandable way of becoming poor.
 After all if central banks can print money, sorry it’s called quantitative easing, it would be remiss of us not to use their efforts in an equally fruitless way. 
Who knows we might have a better result than central banks seem to have in stimulating the economy. After all a few wins will certainly be put straight into the West Wales economy.
So to Doncaster. Well why Doncaster,  a sentimental one, it was the first racecourse that I’d ever physically placed a bet. It was in 1969 when I was a green lecturer in Nottingham Univestity’s and took a trip with some colleagues to Doncaster for a day of rest and recreation. 
Granted many might not thing of Doncaster as a mecca for fun. But this gritty Northern town had a lot to offer in the days when the pits were open and beer was cheap. The town was “buzzing.”
And of course the racing. It is one of the oldest and largest venues in the country for the horses. 
It started in the 16 century indeed the council tried to end racing in 1600 because it attracted to many ruffians. But, like many a local authority initiative it ended in failure. Ruffians won the day and Doncaster remains the home of two of the world’s oldest horse races, the Doncaster cup and the St Leger Stakes. More about these another time. 
To the matter in hand. 
 A health warning last week none of my tips produced a winner. Although those that backed my choices each way would have made a nice return with 5 out of the 6 horses tipped, placed.

2:05 My fancy is Zaahya although Rythmic is likely to be the one that the money will be on having come second in Newmarket in its last outing. winner - Rythmic 4/1, Zaahya 6th

2:40 Fabulouslyspirited is the one to beat. winner - Ganas 7/2, Faulouslyspirited 3rd

3:10 Ted’s Brother is on an upward curve but to me Northern Flyer might be a better each way bet with possibly better odds winner - Ted's Brother 11/4, Northern Flyer 2nd at 5/1

3:45 Manassas or Docofthebay winner - Grissom12/1 Manassas 10th

4:20 Its between Ginger Ted and Secret Witness.  Most of the tipsters are going for the former but the latter could just do it. winner - Secret Witness 9/1

4:55 Can Dhhamaan make it three in a row? Alensgrove could challenge. winner -Elles Image 12/1, 2nd Dhhamaan 13/8

5:30 Its likely to be between Four Nations and Bollin Greta but shucks I’m on holiday and what’s money so Spiekeroog  gets Hughes’s vote winner - Manifestation 11/1, 5th Spiekeroog

6:00 Enough is enough so some Veiled Applause winner - Hall Bold Chief 14/1, 2nd Veiled Applause 9/4
These tips have been chosen before the odds are known so remember each way above seven also check that they are all runners. Best of luck.
Out of the seven tips given there was one winner at 9/1 Secret Witness, three second places and one third. So we beat the Bookies. A better performance than the UK economy.

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