Friday, 26 August 2011

Yorkshire fancies

After last weeks disappointment of only picking one winner at Chester we’ll try our luck this Saturday in Yorkshire.

A word about last week. Although that one winner did mean that we almost broke even. Note the word ‘almost’.  OK there was a small dip in our fortune but still since starting this Saturday racing blog we’re still ahead of the bookies – just about.

If only the UK economy was in as good a shape. On my reckoning if Greece had followed our winning tips they wouldn’t have had to go cap in hand to Brussels for their bailout.  Consequently, Euro-zone bonds might have been able to compete with this column as an alternative profitable place to invest cash.
This week a visit to the Yorkshire town of Beverley for our races is in order. It’s an historic racecourse dating back to 1680. It is small and compact race course about a mile 3 furlongs in length.

Although small it has its challenges. The last five furlongs to be precise with the final three furlongs up hill. The advice is - make sure that the horses you back are not smokers, a healthy pair of lungs are essential to compete here.

Beverley Minister is always worth a visit for a quiet prayer before you place your bets. 

Remember that on the racetrack just like politics it’s always best to back the right horse. A lesson that  local Beverley man, Cardinal John Fisher would have done well to learn. He  suffered the same fate as Thomas Moore and was martyred for refusing to accept Henry VIII as Head of the Church in England.

Yes, it’s always best to assess the odds and keep you head in life. A point worth noting as we contemplate today’s selections.

Remember the rule, each way bets on odds above 7/1.

2.00 Really lovely if it could take Esentepe which is the one to beat        
2.35 Elijah Pepper has shown more consistency than most politicians but I've always had an artistic bent so will be backing Robert the Painter
3.05 To me its between Sud Pacifique and Malthouse but the odds are better on the latter and so is my each way bet

3.35 It would be Dinkum Diamond but has a bad draw so perhaps in the circumstances Duchess Dora may have the edge.         
4.10  The politicians will go for Select Committee but Green Park gets my nod.   
4.45 Most of the tipsters will give Musnad the thumbs up but Libys Dream takes my fancy
5.15 Herrera is for the risk takers but for the cautious it's La Bacouetteuse

With a one winner, a second and a third neither a profit or a loss. Retirement doesn't beckon yet though.

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