Friday, 30 October 2009

Distancing from the agreement

Two out of the three candidates for the leadership of Welsh Labour seem to be distancing themselves from the commitment  contained in One Wales for a referendum on Scottish type law making powers for the Assembly.
Whilst it's well known that Huw Lewis was opposed to the Plaid Labour coalition so its not surprising that he takes the view he does on a referendum. Basically no referendum this side of a general election. It would suit his purposes if Plaid walked away from the table on this issue.
Of greater interest is Carwyn Jones's stance. He is of the view  that a vote should not go ahead without the wider consent of the 'labour movement' and particularly the MPs. If so its unlikely that a vote under such circumstances will take place before 2011.
If so, what price the coalition.
Kirsty Williams must be reading these comments with interest. Thinking her day may yet come and its just a matter of time before she receives the phone call.
It would seem that the only candidate that is prepared to stick with the 'All Wales' agreement is Edwina Hart.
Unfortunately for her, Plaid Cymru don't have a vote in this election

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