Friday, 9 October 2009

A spring referendum

Sir Emyr Jones Parry's Convention has finished its work. It will be published next month once translation into Welsh is complete. But last Wednesday Sir Emyr was hot footing it to meet First Minister Rhodri Morgan and Deputy First Minister, Ieuan Wyn Jones to give them an oral preview of the conclusions. And whatabout the conclusions.
Yes, despite Carwyn Jones's heroic attempt to say that the LCO system of law making was working well the convention were not convinced. They want to move to full law making powers for the Assembly as soon as possible. And the date - late Spring or early Summer of next year. Could it be before the next general election? Unlikely.
But it could be a decision for Mr Cameron as he opens his red box when he takes the keys to number 10.
Perhaps, of more immediate interest will be the response of the leadership contenders for Rhodri Morgan's job. Will they agree with Sir Emyr's conclusions or will they try to curry favour with Welsh Labour MPs and try to kick it to the long grass?

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