Monday, 26 October 2009

No referendum just pass over the powers

It looks as if the referendum campaign is been waged by proxy.
We have True Wales trying to water down the powers of the Assembly but not having the guts to campaign for its scrapping - their real agenda.
Sir Emyr Jones Parry's convention saying we should go for gold and have law making powers.
In no time at all, we'll have Holtham demanding power over taxation and financial policies. And our dear Secretary of State taking his lead from St Augustine 'Let's have a referendum, but not just yet'.
Most ordinary people already think, if they think at all about the Assembly, that it makes laws. You can imagine what their response will be if the question is put to them again.
The Government of Wales Act is just one of those classic fudges to get Labour off the hook created by the Richard Commission. The Commission said the Welsh Assembly should have full law making powers. Labour back benchers would not swallow it. Result, the dog's breakfast of the Legislative Competence Order[LCO]system.
It would be difficult to find in any other democracy a more complex, time wasting, expensive system of making laws. But law making it is. So what's the point of the charade of a referendum on law making, when the principle has already been conceded.
An incoming government could do us all a favour and save a large amount of cash be changing the current Government for Wales Act and move to full law making without dragging us all out to a pointless vote.
Oh, for politicians that will stop wasting our time on meaningless referenda, just because they can't face down their own MPs.


  1. Campaigning to abolish the Welsh Assembly at this juncture would be like attempting the liberation of Western Europe in September 1940!

  2. Gareth You are a plonker, you have no idea what the poeple want, you spin the nationalist line like a spider on its web