Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Welsh Labour face defeat.

The 1st YouGov Poll in Wales makes miserable reading for Labour. They would loose 9 Members from Parliament leaving them a total of 20 seats if the poll results were reflected in the general election.
There is nothing suprising as these results merely reflect the actual votes cast in the European election.
Indeed Labour on this polling data do slightly better than their European vote with 34% to the Conservatives 31%. Reversing the second place they got when those votes were counted.
But not since, almost, its birth as a party have Labour faced such a grim prospect at the hands of the Welsh electors.
Their new leader in Wales will have the daunting task of re-energising a party that will be demoralised by defeat.
Meanwhile, the Tories will rue their opposition to PR. Labour gains half the Welsh seats with only just over a third of the votes and they the Tories will have to be satisfied with only 12 seats despite being only 3% behind Labour.
Plaid Cymru will be reasonably pleased with gaining two additional seats bringing their total to 5. But they still don't seem to be making the breakthrough that the SNP are making in Scotland. Putting themselves in the driving seat by leading a Rainbow coalition might have produced a better result than being tied to a failing coalition partner like Labour.
As for the Liberal Democrats despite having a dynamic young female leader they seem to be moving backwards, with only two seats left in Wales. Not the breakthrough that Kirsty Williams promised in her leadership campaign.
And last but not least, the Peoples republic of Blaenau Gwent remains firmly in the grip of Dai Davies's and his Peoples' Voice.

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