Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas visits

They can be seen in more Christmas events than Father Christmas – politicians. Which politicians ? Your local ones of course. Be they councillors, Assembly Members or Members of Parliament.
This is the season they are out to ‘support’ the local community. There is not a Christmas Fare without an Assembly Member or Member of Parliament present. And God forbid, that you should find yourself in a Care home or hospital over Christmas, you won’t be able to escape them.
Why? This time of year provides them with an opportunity to press the flesh. And to them this is all imporant. Their opportunity to show that they haven’t lost touch. Despite living most of the time in London or Cardiff Bay they can show that they still have their fingers on the local pulse.
These things matter to a politicans most years, but this year it acquires a greater significance. Why?  Because of the Spring general election.
This is perhaps the last opportunity they have before the election to create a favourable impression on the local electorate. Its important that they show enthusiasm; that they work hard on our behalf and certainly show that no event is to much trouble to turn up to at this Festive time.
Well, yes that’s the spin.
But what about the truth? This is the way of the modern political machine.  Its important that they show that a closness to the electorate. That’s what caused the scandal of ‘flipping’ homes by taking advantage of having two houses. At one time MPs simply lived in London and would only occationally visit 'the seat.' Their place was in London passing laws not collecting votes locally.The hoovering of votes was left to the three weeks of the general election campaign itself.
Of course that was not healthy. Reason would dictate that our representatives should be aware of our problems. But the pendelum has swung to far the other way. No, there is an air of cynicsm over the whole process, a feeling that it’s all a superficial show to win the goodwill of the electorate.
But despite all their efforts the electorate have seen through the whole circus
Their efforts are wasted. The population have grown tired of politicians and of politics. The sadness of it all, is that the people have turned their backs on the ballot box. It all undermines democracy.
A  word of advise to the politicians. Stay home, put your feet up, enjoy yourselves and just leave us alone. A politician free Christmas, that would be one to remember.