Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Who will take Ashgar's place on List?

Respected political commentators are all talking about a shoe-in for Adam Price on the South East list. And surely Plaid need a big hitter like Adam Price in the Assembly. But the S E Region is unlikely to be his political resting place.
Oh no, the likely scenario is musical chairs within the region itself.
The leader of Caerphilly Council Lindsey Whittle, that purpetual Plaid candidate for all seats in Caerphilly. He is currently Plaid's Westminister candidate there. But could he be persuaded to break  the habit of fighting the Caerphilly seat and move on to fight the list. Just maybe.
So if Lindsey Whittle stood for the list they would need a new candidate for the seat. Who might that be  I wonder?
Well, last time there was a certain independent candidate that stood  in Caerphilly, a certain Ron Davies. If the oppositon vote had not been split between Whittle and Davies then Labour would have lost the seat.
Is it possible that these two cabinet collegues on CaerphillyCounty Council could do a deal? Whittle standing on the list and Davies fighting the Caerphilly seat. Leaving Adam Price to find and fight another seat.
Plaid might relish the prospect of two big hitters being returned to the Assembly in 2011.
The Tories might be crowing over today's coup but it might yet prove a blessing in the long term for Plaid Cymru.

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