Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Clear Majority, free hand.

Such a decisive win in all three sections of the electoral college gives Carwyn Jones, the new leader of the Labour Party in Wales, a freedom and a mandate to be his own man. He is not beholden to any section of his party. He can pick and choose on the basis of ability rather than on favours owed. That should apply to his cabinet as well as his special advisors.
Its time to take a fresh look at the cabinet and weed out the weak and renew it with people of talent. Granted the pool of talent in the Assembly Labour group is not extensive, but if he is to make his mark he cannot afford to be surrounded by 'yes' men and women.
What is true about Cabinet is equally true about Special Advisors. Here he has greater scope. Indeed the world is his oyster. He does  not have to confine himself to his own party members. Who he choses as his kitchen cabinet is, perhaps, more important than his actual cabinet and he should cast his net out wide. He needs to ensure himself the best talent in Wales and beyond.
Throughout the ages politicians who are likely to reach the top of the greasy pole have lots of 'supporters'. A good career move for many because their support is often rewarded. Carwyn Jones has been seen as a potential First Minister and a successor to Rhodri Morgan for some years so will have collected more than his fair share of camp followers. Lets hope he is wise enough to recognise this and act accordingly.
A sign of a strong leader is one that say 'no' to his friends.
A strong new team is required to end the drift of the last ten years.
Choose wisely Carwyn, and the best of luck.

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