Friday, 18 December 2009

Kim Howells leaves the stage

So Kim is going to hang his political boots for his climbing ones. He'll be missed. Not a friend of sacred cows. He is one of the few politicians that is prepared to speak his mind, whatever the consequence. Not a great friend of devolution but he still remains the kind of MP we need in Wales and certainly the kind of person that the Assembly craves for.
Since Rod Richards and  the late Peter Law, the Assembly has missed a robust politician that can liven debates in the Assembly. Mind you there are very few of our Welsh representatives in Westminster that much better.
But the good thing about Kim declaring he is going now is that it gives the Local Party a say in who the next candidate will be. There are many MPs waiting until the election is declared before announcing their departure. Why? So that the party nationally can shoe-in their favorite sons or daughters. And the pay-off for a late retirement announcement, some ermine and a seat in the  House of Lords.

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