Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Plaid Cymru lose an Assembly Member to Conservatives.

The defection Mohammad Asghar a list member of Plaid Cymru to the Conservatives means Plaid now only have 14 Assembly Members to the Tories 13. This is unlikely to change the dynamics of the Assembly except to give the Tories bragging rights that they are a broad party and welcome members of ethnic minority communities into their ranks.
Apparently, secret discussions have been taking place between Nick Bourne and Mohammad Asghar and the resulting defection was kept under  wraps until this morning.
Plaid Cymru had not been informed of the move and were caught unawares. It would seem second time lucky for Asghar as he tried to become a member of the Tories before but was totally ignored.
The reason why he changed parties was that 'he believes in Queen, a united Kingdom and a strong Wales.'
Interestingly, he joined Plaid Cymru holding these views but it is not noticeable that Plaid Cymru have taken a lurch towards independence. Perhaps it is the smooth talking Nick Bourne that won him over.
No doubt he'll be a shadow spokesman for his new party shortly.


  1. Please refer to a dictionary and note the difference between "lose" and "loose".

  2. The one big point that seems to have been overlooked in all this is that why on earth did Mr Asghar join Plaid Cymru in the first place?
    He said during his interview the other day that he was AGAINST the idea of an independent Wales and he SUPPORTED the monarchy.
    Surely he knew when he joined Plaid Cymru that they were a Welsh Nationalist party?
    I haven't heard him state any significant reasons as to WHY he is making the switch. Any ideas?