Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Joint statement on referendum

Rhodri and Ieuan have issued a joint statement on the referendum. Sweetness and light has broken out. But, and there is always a but, the final sentence. "nothing has been ruled in or ruled out including, if it proved practical, a referendum in the Autumn." 
Now, how can it be proved practical if Labour are not going to discuss the matter until  after the general election. 
Plaid Cymru, if they don't get an assurance of a vote  on a referendum early next year,  can say goodbye to an Autumn date with the electors. Consequently, new powers will not be
in place for the post 2011 Assembly.
What price going to bed with Labour  if they can't stick to done deals.
Rhodri has form in backing down to Peter Hain.  For it was he, [Hain] that  was  pushing for the Labour statement of intent and the issuing of the press statement that has caused today's excitement.
His address to the Assembly tomorrow should prove interesting.

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