Monday, 9 November 2009

My Golwg column

Every Thursday a regular column of mine appears in the Welsh language magazine 'Golwg' Many have asked if I'd translate it and place it on my blog. I've used Google translate,so the translation is a bit iffy but I'm slowly going to post some of the backlog and eventually will provide a weekly posting. This was the first effort. Much is lost in translation, but I would say that wouldn't I.

" It is some years now since my driving test. In fact it took four applications before I succeed. And if you have had the Bad Luck be with me in the car, you would very clearly, why [cymeroedd]it so long.

But I still remember the day of my success as clear as yesterday. Finally I was behind the wheel and foot on the accelerator. Freedom and power. I travelled aimlessly for miles , without any idea or objective where I was going. The important thing was to get the power and the wheel in my hands.

And back every sign that the three candidates who want to fill Rhodri Morgan shoes are doing something similar. They want the wheel but little idea of what direction they want to go.

They have warm words and slogans of the Left - equality, fairness radicalism, values, even socialism. Political Musak. All to try to influence members of the Labour Party in the crucial vote.

But where's the foundation. And more importantly which direction they want to take us.

In the economic situation exactly how will they fill the gap between our needs as a nation and the funding available. What are their priorities? Exactly where will the cuts fall? Will the knife be used on health, education, public associations or any other service. And would they demand the right to taxation varying powers? Should this be a referendum question?

The Holtham Commission's report claimed that Wales could lose more than £ 8bn during the next 10 years unless change the Barnet formula. What is the candidates response to this? No word yet. The real need is to reform the system for funding the Assembly Government and this be the top priority of anyone who has the ambition to lead our nation.

Sir Emyr Jones Parry and nothing has been busy taking pulse of the nation. The whispers are that they will recommend an early referendum. Current system is not working and an early move to a lawmaking Assembly should be a high priority. The date in sight, - in late spring or early summer next ..

If so, how will the candidates respond. Will they be for delaying to please Labor members of parliament or will they push ahead. It will be interesting to see. And what, about Lord Richards recommendations of an 80 member Assembly. For the Assembly to work smoothly it is certain to need more members. More politicians, not the best case to argue. But that's a mark of a leader, one that argues for the unpopular.

As the campaign goes on, we'll see if they can kick the practice of warm words that are meaningless and provide real leadership. Dyna'r her. That's the challenge."


  1. Ydy Golwg yn fodlon i ti bostio dy golofnau yn Gymraeg? Er yn amlwg bod mwy o fobl yn y byd yn siarad Saesneg, ond ti'n fwy tebygol o gael ymateb i flog sy'n trafod pethau Cymraeg/Cymreig os ydy o'n cael ei sgwwennu'n Gymraeg (yn fy marn i wrth gwrs).

  2. Y pwrpas oedd i gael pobol i brynu 'Golwg' ac yna rhai dyddiau wedyn i rhoi fersiwn Saesneg ar y blog yma.