Friday, 20 November 2009

What are Assembly Members thinking?

It may not be a question that bothers you to much but it exercised the mind of  Ipsos Mori. So they conducted face to face interviews with 30 Assembly members to see how they viewed the world.
Not surprising nine out of ten of them wanted more powers, with most [81%] wanting the same powers as Scotland and even half saying that they should have powers over taxation. So watch your wallets.
On the economy they certainly were glass half empty types. With only 28% believing that the Welsh economy would improve next year a third thought we would see things get worse.
Edwina Hart [25%] was seen as the most impressive Assembly Member even outscoring First Minister, Rhodri Morgan [22%]. Her leadership rivals Carwyn Jones and Huw Lewis trailing far behind with just 5% each.
Of the current party leaders the most impressive was seen to be Rhodri, with Ieuan Wyn Jones and Nick Bourne both on 4%. Kirsty Williams nil points, despite  5 of her fellow Liberal Democrats being included in the survey. The most impressive Plaid Assembly member was seen to be Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones [12%]. Could she be Plaid's next leader in waiting.

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