Friday, 13 November 2009

Sir Emyr's report

Next week will see Sir Emyr Jones Parry report  whether or not the Welsh Assembly should have exclusive powers to make their own laws. The report is likely to be an unanimous 'yes' and with a recommendation that the referendum should be sooner rather than later.

The debate will then move on to timing, when will the best time to hold the referendum. In the one corner will be Peter Hain who wants to delay any referendum until after 2011 in the other corner will be Plaid Cymru who'll want the referendum before 2011.

The hot money is on their being a debate in the Assembly in the Spring of next year and the Assembly agreeing by the required two thirds majority and leaving  the likely Tory Administration having to decide on the actual date.

So a busy year for returning officers with a general election and a referendum to organize next year.
But a good year for pundits.

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