Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Labour poised to break up coaliton

The press statement produced by Labour at the insistence of Peter Hain that Labour AMs cannot discuss and vote on a referendum until after the general election poses a real threat to the coalition with Plaid Cymru.
Plaid Cymru see this as a complete breach of faith. It is understood that Plaid Cymru quite understood that no action could be taken until Rhodri Morgan's successor was in post. But the statement from Labour would seem to limit the options available and steps away from the agreement reached by Plaid Cymru that formed the basis of coalition government.
One of the reasons that Ieuan Wyn Jones moved away from the Rainbow option was the agreement with Labour that a referendum on more powers  would be held before 2011. This was pivitol to the establishment of the  current  Plaid/Labour government.
Peter Hain , the Secretary of State for Wales, has always questioned the need for a referendum before 2011. It would seem that the statement issued today by Labour is  aimed at taking the steam out  of Sir Emyr Jones Parry's conclusions that a referendum should take place earlier rather than later. The first step in Hain's agenda in delaying the referendum for some time.
Plaid Cymru will wait to see what Rhodri Morgan's statement will say before deciding on their response. But many feel that the coalition government may be in serious danger of collapse.

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