Monday, 9 November 2009

Last week's Golwg column

How many times have we heard someone being described as charismatic. I'm not sure what it means but I'm pretty certain I haven't got it.

But neither has the BNP leader Nick Griffin. After his recent performance on 'Question Time' it is difficult to understand how he became the leader of the extreme right wing party. If he's the best, God help the rest of his Party. He was so poor there was a risk that he might get the sympathy vote.
But one politician who could be described as having the 'wow' factor, is Tony Blair. Especially at the start of his career as Prime Minister, he couldn't put a foot wrong.

It was only the Iraq war that took the shine off. As a consequence he took a dive in the polls when the public turned their back on him, and as a consequence the Labour Party decided he was past his sell buy date.

But as soon as we think we have seen the last of him the old stager may be about to make a comeback.

Under the Lisbon treaty the European Council must elect a president to drive forward their work. Yes, and the name of the United Kingdom government have put in the frame to become the first president, is our old friend, Tony Blair.

The government hope that the old magic will still work and persuade European countries that he's the man to fill the post. Of course we don't have a say on the matter. No, the decision is in the hands of 27 people, the leaders of the nations of the European community.

David Milliban's enthusiasm, when he said 'we need someone that will stop the traffic in Beijing or Washington or Moscow', underlines the seriousness of Brown's government to their former leader.

Despite his charisma, Blair's appointed would be an absolute error.

There are many reasons to oppose the appointment.
Would it be suitable to appoint someone to an international organizations who many believe, has rode rough shot over international law? That's the charge against Blair, and the questionable legality of the decision to go to war with Iraq.

It would seem odd to give the job to a man that did little to strengthen the EU whilst Prime Minister. And streadfastly kept the UK out of the Euro zone. How in the world could anyone take him seriously in the job.

No, him in the job  would be a disgrace.

Much better for all of us that he continues to use his talent and charisma to travel the world and lecture for the millions that he's earning.

One of the most uncharismatic of prime minister was Clem Atlee. But many recognise him as one of the best.

Maybe grey and boring is the way forward.

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